Hi, I'm Jeph

There's nothing called marital problem,

but we have humans whose tendencies & shortcomings

were exposed by marriage

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It contains deep insight into simple facts and truths about marriage and how to make it work.
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About me

I am a Psychologist and a trained Marriage counselor with certifications in Family Systems Engineering (FSE), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence.

I kicked off Love Is A Living Thing (LIALT) seminar series for Singles and Married and the Ship-Building seminar for married couples. I conducts Pre-Marital Launchpad Training (PMLT) for intending couples to fully prepare them for the journey of marriage.

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  • Yinka Ajetomobi ( nee Amosu)

    Yinka Ajetomobi ( nee Amosu)

    I was a regular attendee of LOVE IS A LIVING THING seminar between 2010 and 2012, in Lagos organized by Jeph Oluwagbemiga. My mindsets was drastically improved on how to make relationship work. Now I have been married for six years and I can boldly say that those teachings had helped me in building on a good foundation. I'm enjoying my marriage as most issues that create problem in marriage has been settled and those that show up are being managed effectively. Thank you for impacting in my life.

    Lagos Nigeria.

    Yinka Ajetomobi ( nee Amosu)